el sizzling chorizo

IMG_20150302_202837The most difficult attribute to replicate an authentic Argentinian Steakhouse, outside of Argentina, is the atmosphere. El Sizzling Chorizo comes as close to any place that we have found.

To begin, the staff all hail from the continent of South America, and many are even from Argentina. For those of you who have experienced such an atmosphere, will know what I am talking about: a no-rushed approach, contagious laughter and enough buena onda to go around.

When we arrived, the only seat available was at the bar, overlooking the beautiful, wood-burning parilla. But that was perfect for us, because we wanted to enjoy the view and reek of the aroma of the asado.

We sat and gazed at the menu, unsure of which cuts of meat to devour first. Undecided, we elected to sip on a Malbec to further consider our options. We decided on some empanadas, chorizo and the main course parrillada. We watched as the adador, placed our cuts on the parilla. As the aroma filled the air, I closed his eyes, threw back a little Malbec, and listened to the rhythmic sizzling of the tira de asado.

As others meats came off the grill, I watched the asador spray the meat with a mystery liquid from a bottle. Having never seen this technique before, and always wishing to further my technique, I inquired with the asador what was in the bottle and why he was spraying it. Turns out, it was salt water, which added a little bit of flavor and appearance as a final touch to the meat before it was delivered to its consumer.

The asador was taken aback at my accent and Spanish. We began to converse in Spanish and I learned that the asador was from Colombia which made me a bit skeptical of his skills, but this skepticism would soon be squashed after the first bite!

Before long, our plates arrived. Not wanting to get too excited, I cut first the chorizo, as this is an easier staple from Argentina to replicate than others. Delicioso. Yes, they had the recite down! To cleanse the palette, I had a few bites of salad and then it was time for the vaseo? Magnifico! Could this be true? Had I magically been transported 7,000 km to Argentina? I had found the closest replication of the Argentinian asado outside of Argentina.


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