leaning tower of pizza, i mean pisa


We didn’t have Pisa at the top of our “Must-See List,” but it was on the way… and obviously, we had to stop and take the obligatory snapshot.

Since we were driving a car, we read a little bit on warnings and advice. We were told to stay away from driving within the wall and park in a paid lot to avoid break-ins. We found a lot near the wall, walking distance to the tower, all the while dodging African vendors selling sunglasses and selfie sticks.


Devin, you’re so strong!

We walked to the walls and entered from behind the tower. It was honestly the funniest thing ever seeing everyone try and get the picture of them “holding the Pisa up.” Everyone looked ridiculous, but we had to join them.

Strike a Pose!

Devin did not want to but after a few reassuring words, he finally caved. You can’t go to Pisa and not get the picture. We’re sure there’s a lot of history and other important religious buildings in the square, but it’s definitely not the reason the majority of people visit.

We were trying our best to get the right angles behind the tower, but soon realized this wasn’t the right spot. When you go, make sure you line up alongside fenced-in grass area. There will be a lot of other people competing for fence space, but it’s the best angle. We would’ve saved a lot of time and frustrated directions had we went to the other side first. Keep that in mind!


Ryann refusing to grow up.

Poor Devin had to listen to Ryann quoting A Goofy Movie, “Leaning Tower of Cheesah-huh,” at least twenty times. But his patience and photography skills delivered a picture of a lifetime, bringing childhood dreams to life. Next, we just had to find a can of cheese somewhere…

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