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Harbour Bridge. The Opera House. Bondi Beach. Vegemite. Sea gulls. Convicts’ barracks. New Year’s Eve Fireworks. Finding Nemo…Are a few thoughts that entered our minds sitting on the plane, glued to the windows. We were anticipating the launch of our East Coast road trip! And the planned beginning of our 5 month long trip.


Arriving to Sydney

We walked out of the airport and it felt as if the gates to Heaven finally opened, beams of sunshine shone down, birds were chirping lovely melodies, flowers were flourishing and the aroma filled the air around us. The weather was PERFECT. Ryann asked our cab driver to put down all the windows- ahhhhh, loving life! If it wasn’t frowned upon, she would have stuck her head out the window panting like a puppydog. Arriving at our AirBnB, we rested up and walked to eat dinner locally. The next day was packed full: a tour and a hike!

(Almost) A Free Day in Sydney!

harbour bridgeWe found a tour that was FREE. Yes folks, you read it correctly, FREE. We highly recommend it!  Our tour guide was extremely respectful and professional in regards to the recent hostage situation, very knowledgeable on the history of Sydney and included entertaining stories and helpful suggestions. She showed us hidden treasures we probably wouldn’t have come across on our own (birdcage picture) The tour ended at a viewing of the Opera House, where she offered to take pictures of us and give directions to our next stop. All in all, it was a great start to exploring the city. All for except…


IMG_20150204_144332_editBelieve the rumors, the theories, the weatherman. It’s true. All you nay-sayers about ozone depletion, come to “the land down undah.” Ahem, Ted Cruz. The tour started at 10 in the morning and a couple hours later, we were sunburnt red and sore like a baboon’s bottom.

But the day did not stop after a little sunburn! We took a recommendation from our AirBnB host and enjoyed coffees at Cabrito Coffee Traders. Situated near the harbour, nestled in a narrow city street was an eccentric organic coffee shop that serves up a delicious espresso!

14 Mile Walk Along the Coast

IMG_4675After our caffeinated revitalization, we took the Express 333 to Bondi Beach for more walking with a different view. This view included tasting sea salt on our lips and ocean breeze blowing through our hair. We decided to take the walking trail from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. The walk is LONG (14 miles) but worth the break from the city- and the sights are incredible! There were water bottle filling stations and pools to swim in along the way- we wish we had brought our suits! Also, there are a lot of grassy areas, so we would advise a packed picnic as well! But if not, enjoy eating at one of the many restaurants in Coogee like we had. It is about an hour long, just to warn you!

Although our stop in Sydney was short-lived, we found it to be a very livable city! The once-was “historical convicts” evolved into the friendliest people, the parks outweighed the skyscrapers and the easy access of the Opal cards made transportation a breeze- not to mention the double-decker subways! We had a “G’Day” in Sydney and were looking forward to the rest of our road trip in Australia!

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